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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Build Your Very Own Powered Model Aircraft :)
Do try it:) as i found it interesting!!!Click the picture to read.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Bikher jain ge hum.....:(

Bohat faiz pa lia ham nay teray der say !
Ab teray koochay sai guzar jain ge ham.
Teri bahaar ki aamad say pehlay hi !
Khizaan ban ker guzar jain ge hum.
Kashti agar teri tufaan main ho !
khud bhanwar main uttar jain ge hum.
Aankhain rahain teri salaamat !
Ashk ban ker guzar jain ge hum.
Teray firaaq kai samander main uternay say pehlay hi !
Piyaas ban ker guzar jain ge hum.
Tujhay yaad aanay say pehlay hi !
Ik khiyaal ban ker guzar jain ge hum.
Teri dunya say bekhabar ik din !Is fiza main bikher jain ge hum...:(
Mera Shahar !!!!
My Family's seats were booked for Monday,the 22nd of August of Taiz Gaam. My eldest brother booked them on 19th August...Just two days before the explosion in the luggage train - Karachi to Lahore - at Malir Naadee, in which Nine of the Bogees were derailed and only one Police Gaurd got injured.Thanks God for saving the other trains.In which Taiz Gaam was stopped by the driver of the Luggage Train...which had to pass through this train just after a minute.And Chenab Express which passed 3 minutes before.

After hearing this we tried to contact the Railway Enquiry.But all in vain.Infact, no one picked up the phone.So, yesterday we tried again to call up and ask about the train timings was of no use.

After listening to the news at Geo, a day before,we got to know that no trains are arriving and departing from the City and Cannt Stations.The trains were departing from the Landhi Station.The same day my father checked it out at the city station and they confirmed that the train will leave at 5:00 pm.

We reached at the station at 4:45 pm and no sign of the train.And the authorities did not knew about it. Any ways waiting for 3 long hours at the station with my parents and sibblings, me n my left to come back home...called up my father to ask about the train and got to know that the train had just arrived. It was 9:25 pm.

The train left at 2:45 am towards its destination.That means all the passengers waited for 5 more hours.

Just think about the suffering of the people there..who had been waiting from 7:30 in the morning ,to recieve their loved ones as this is the Official reaching time for Taiz Gaam.

It was not only one my whole stay of 3 hours, there arrived and departed 6 trains.And there were only 6 Platforms there.

So, the concerned department was not able to remove the damaged bogees till the last news.

Kia progress hai!!!
Keep it up Pakistan Railways!!!

Allah Sab ko Apnay Hifz-o-Eman main Rakhay
Saturday, August 13, 2005
Yeh Perhain Woh ! K Jo Kehtay Hain K Khuda Hi Nahi
Yeh perhain woh! k jo kehtay hain k khuda hi nahi
Yeh perhain woh! k jo kehtay hain k nabi hi nahi
Mujhay tu lagta hai k in ko kuch aqal hi nahi
In ki dunya may sab naqal hai kuch asal hi nahi
Kahoo in say koi aisi kitaab dikhla dain
Kul zameen jis ko kahay k yeh tu zamee ki hai nahi
Woh isi baat per baghloo may mu chupaingay
Per abtu hum bhi jo hujjat hai wo nibhaingay
In say bolo k Mohammad sa koi dikhal dain
In say bolo k wo Mairaaj koi banwa dain
In say bolo k wo do tukray chand ker wa dain
In say bolo k koi Zulfiqaar magwa dain
In say bolo k Jannat say kapray mangwa dain
Yeh jo behtay hoye derya hain , inhain rukwa dain
Yeh jo tehray hoye sahil hain inhain chalwa dain
Yeh k jo Chand Sitaray hain ..inhain chupwa dain
Yeh jo Soraj hai, do ghari ko isay bujhwa dain
Yeh jo Zameen hai, mehwar say isay hatwa dain
Wo jo Ambar hai ko zameen pay bichwa dain
Yeh jo zinda hai tu in sab say kaho mer jain
aur jo mer jain tu phir zinda ho k dikhla dain
chalo murdoo ko yeh zinda tu nahi ker sktay
magar jo aati hai sab ko Qaza wo ruk wa dain
is tarha say bhi tassalli na ho tu in say kaho
k woh Khayber ya koi Kerbala hi dikhla dain
in say bolo k hamain sehra may Zam Zam day dain
in say bolo k hamain Isaa-o-Marium day dain
Yeh jo kehtay hain k Khuda nahi Nabi bhi nahi
Yeh bay-charay hain , in ka koi chara hi nahi
Mera RAB chahay tu yeh kainat ruk jayee
Mera RAB chahay tu soraj yeh abhi jhuk jayee
YA ALLAH phir say koi aisa krishma ker day
Phir say KABAY pay ababiil ka saya ker day
YA ALLAH apni rehmatain hamain ata ker day
YA ALLAH apnay gunah garoon ki bakshish ker day
YA ALLAH tuj say hi manga hai aur mangay gay
Hamari jholi hai khali, imaan say bhar day
Hamai RUSOOL k sadqay may ata ker kushiaan
Hamaray SAR pay tu bay-saya ka saya ker day
YA ALLAH saray musalmaan ba'tay FERQOO may
YA ALLAH in ko aqal day,inhain yek-ja ker day
Teray Dar say na kabhi koi khali haath gaya
Sab ki mushkilain jitni bhi hain asaan ker day
Teray Sajday may sar jhuka tu phir FAKHAR say utha
Jo na jhukay teray agay usay Fana ker day ...............................
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Driving in Karachi is like......
Driving in Karachi these days is very hectic. Kuch din pehlay clifton jana ka ittefaq hua..going to cliton from north nazimabad......jis road per joaa wahan traffic hi traffic aur us traffic main sab se ziada ya tu scooters or rickshaws...driving with their own rules and the way they like.You know naa these riskshaw walas come from nowhere in sight n just try to come in between. ANd when i reached Sharah-e-Fasial from Shahrah-e-Quaideen ...there was no signal there n the crossings were closed down. I had to go till the Nursery signal n take a u turn..That day i reached at clifton in 11/2 hours and i was totally exhausted. Aur wapissi per tu mat poocheeya....Lasbela per shahdeed qism ka traffic jam which took 1 hour to just pass the Lasbela bridge...

I was just thinking that the government is making bridges, fly over and new road to decrease the traffic jam.But inspite all of this the traffic jams are still there and the traffic is also increasing with the same rate....and what to say about our Traffic Police....everyone knows them....
Saturday, August 06, 2005
Kaash !!!!
Kaash koee aisa hota,
Mujhse mil kar khud se milta,
Mohabbat se purr un aankhoon main
Piyar ka aik samander hota,

Kaash koee aisa hota.....

Mera hasna, mera rona,
Usko sab kuch piyara hota,
Uski qurbat ka aik lamha
Sa'adiyoon per bhi bhari hota,

Kaas koee aisa hota.....
I miss you ...Like the desert miss the rain...!!!
I step off the train,
I'm walking down your street again,
and past your door,
but you don't live there anymore.

It's years since you've been there.
Now you've disappeared somewhere like outer space,
you've found some better place,

and I miss you
- like the deserts miss the rain.

Could you be dead?
You always were two steps ahead of everyone.
We'd walk behind
while you would run.

I look up at your house,
and I can almost hear
you shout down to me
where I always used to be,

and I miss you
- like the deserts miss the rain.

Back on the train,
I ask why did I come again.
Can I confess
I've been hanging around
your old address?

And the years have proven
to offer nothing since you moved.
You're long gone
but I can't move on,

and I miss you
- like the deserts miss the rain.....I really do !!!
Friday, August 05, 2005
Finally my own Blog
So, now finally i have my own blog. Thanks to Danial Ahmed,who helped me to find a good place for this blog. You all might be thinking from where did i got this idea of blogging?? Two weeks before, i have never heard of the word 'Blog'. Than through a search i found Danial's Blog. After visiting his blog and reading nearly each n every page of his blog..i found it very interesting, and there something came into my mind ...Why shouldn't i start my own one?? Tried and searched but was not able to find or you can say a correct place to host it. So finally i decided to mail Danial regarding it. He guided me and now i m blogging too.